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To be globally recognized as the most specialized group of professionals providing Telecom Services including project management, Turnkey solutions and consultancy services based on excellent reputation in quality, cost management and dependability.


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Associate RF Engineer

Functional Area: Junior RF Engineer

Summary Job Description:

The Junior Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer is involved in learning how to perform the analysis, design, implementation and enhancement of wireless telecommunications networks. These include existing and planned networks for cellular and digital mobile phone and data transmission networks. The Junior RF Engineer is an entry-level position that requires background knowledge in cellular systems, mobile radio propagation environment, widely used prediction models and measurement techniques. Responsibilities include linking budgets, system dimensioning for coverage and capacity including traffic analysis, site RF equipment, initial system design and dimensioning, RF coverage planning, site identification and evaluation, frequency planning and interference analysis.

Job Duties:

    • Perform RF drive testing to carry out propagation and signal measurement.
    • Perform analysis of measured data, in order to modify network design and enhance performance. Ensure the deployment of an optimum system, making sure that service coverage is in line with the objective and the strategy adopted by the service provider.
    • Devise test plans, test site scheduling, equipment calibration and setup, RF signal measurement and data analysis.
    • File status reports to the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC), as required.
    • Perform microwave interference analysis as prior to actual RF transmission from a base station of a wireless network, remove or relocate microwave links to avoid any interference caused by the wireless system.
    • Measure field data for the base site to identify RF signals frequencies and respective powers.
    • Define the requirements and establish the design criteria to identify the network planning tools to use and the required databases.
    • Perform measurement integration into the planning tool; in order to tailor the tool for the specific design market environment.
    • Identify base station sites for system coverage provision, and perform site surveys with other network implementation teams, in order to verify suitability of the sites for zoning, acquisition and construction.
    • Implement high performance operational wireless networks which include initial RF network design, re-design, regular design reviews, RF build verification, system RF acceptance, optimization and continuous technical support to all deployment teams.


    • Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.
    • Basic knowledge of GSM, CDMA and IS-136 system specifications.
    • Familiar with comprehensive planning tools, e.g. PlaNET,Tems, Odyssey, CellCAD and QED.
    • Flexible to travel and work under aggressive project time-scales.