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ENI's Vision:
To be globally recognized as the most specialized group of professionals providing Telecom Services including project management, Turnkey solutions and consultancy services based on excellent reputation in quality, cost management and dependability.


Project Management
Turnkey Solutions
Consultancy Services


DataCom Engineer

Basic Requirements:

Technical requirements:

    • Understands Data communications Basics (OSI Model)
    • Minimum two years Data network design, implementation or optimization experience with T1, E1, DS3, Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN
    • Familiarity with the test equipment (e.g. protocol analyzers, ISDN Test set, Inet etc.)
    • Can interpret and post process data either in graphical format (e.g. Mapinfo) or in statistical format
    • Can understand pre and post cut datacom activities
    • Can identify and troubleshoot datacom and IP telephony problems
    • Perform system and acceptance tests to ensure the deliverables meet the project requirements
    • Make technical recommendations (parameter, settings, feature activation)
    • Can collect and monitor network performance statistics
    • Minimum two years data network experience using complex network addressing, interior and exterior gateway routing protocols and network management.

Tools and Software:

    • Familiar with T-Bird, Optnet, SunSet, Inet, Ameritec
    • Microsoft Project
    • Proficient in network protocol analyzers
    • Microsoft windows, Excel, MS Word