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ENI's Vision:
To be globally recognized as the most specialized group of professionals providing Telecom Services including project management, Turnkey solutions and consultancy services based on excellent reputation in quality, cost management and dependability.


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RBS Installer

Job Description: RBS Installer

Job Duties:

    • Measure and mark floors, install anchors, level, align and secure equipment including earthquake requirement
    • Stenciling and designing of the equipment
    • Connect all signal, bus and power cable to include butt, strip, fan, form, wire wrap, and/or crimp
    • Perform continuity test ( Multi meter- C.A.T.E)
    • Properly run, dress, form, secure and sew all cabling(switch) RBS (tywrap)
    • Perform continuity test ( Multi meter- C.A.T.E)
    • Perform pre-install, site doc, equipment delivery, receive equipment, site layout and equipment inspection
    • Install frames, cabinets, and misc. equipment including batteries and BFUs
    • Install cable ladder, radio cabinets& components, transmission equipment
    • Terminate power and T1 cables
    • Install cables, power, inter cabinet, alarm punch down, alarm cables bulkhead antenna connection
    • Mark drawings and documentation as installed
    • Complete all applicable inspection reports and required project documentation
    • Complete doc redline, site clean-up, site acceptance, doc delivery


    • Able to read blueprints/floor plans
    • Able to read simple mechanical, electrical, MOPs, JIMs, and instructional documentation
    • Familiar with safe work habit, ESD protection, defensive driving, safe lifting
    • Know standard color code
    • Basic knowledge of AC/DC power and installation
    • Adhere to circuit pack handling and electrostatic discharge procedure
    • Understand and use established safety requirement/procedures for equipment, ESD power, & radiation
    • Able to use electric tools( Telecommunication Industry Standards) connection
    • Mark drawing and documentation as installed
    • Able to connect, test and put in service Power System including extended equipment
    • Mark drawings and documentation as installed
    • Associate degree from an accredited school, and/or, 2 years telecom installation experience.
    • A team player with good relationship building skills with client's staff and team members.
    • Flexible to work under aggressive project time-lines.
    • Willingness to travel and work overtime.
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.